Friday, March 30, 2012

#2 - Pretty In Pink & Stars Gemstone Necklace


This beauty was adorned with glitter long the top half of this piece. Along the bottom half of this piece, sits 3 gemstones followed by a path of silver lining underneath it. The piece itself is pink with a bit of a gradient fading towards the top into white. Here's another look at this glowing piece of essence below.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

#1 - Blue Moon Gemstone Necklace


This piece was created with a calm serenity in mind. the base is a circular piece, while both the glitter and gemstones were bonded with super glue adhesive. This is very likely to accent ANY outfit from the workplace to a night out on the town. The base that holds it all together is not a chain, you see... but a base of blue clear craftlace. We do this because chains often irritate the skin. Craftlace is merely plastic (rexlace) so it does not adhere to skin irritations. Here's a another glimpse of this beauty below.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome To BH Jewelry Designs!!

Welcome to our site!! BH Jewelry Designs is dedicated to delivering the most unique and creative jewelry that is handmade with love and care.

Our store title (full title: Brave Heart Jewelry Designs) represents the material and also the content of our jewelry. It will have a little of every element to make any of our buyers feel as unique and noticeable as the piece itself!!

Take a look around and see what you like, because we know you're sure to find the utmost VALUE in owning a BH Jewelry piece!!

Much Love,
BH Jewelry Designs