Sunday, April 15, 2012

BH Jewelry Designs Giveaway Promo!!

AMAZING, Right??

To promote our grand opening which happened about a week or more ago, we're doing a giveaway to let you know that making the bucks isn't our sole focus. And what's the best part about doing this giveaway?

That it won't be the ONLY one one we do!! This is something that's been decided upon to do every once in awhile to bring customers in, and to show them that we are not afraid to give something away that might change a life forever!!

So you might want to subscribe by email *left hand top corner of our site* so you can keep up with us everytime we post a new product for sale and especially our GIVEAWAYS!!

Each piece we giveaway is a rare one. Meaning that they are one of a kind and the pieces that it took to make them can't be found anywhere else anymore and we decided that it's best to just make them a giveaway item.

Now i bet you guys are wondering just what we're giving away the first time around??

We'll feast your eyes on this!! ^_^ hehehe!!

The Indigo Rose Ornament Necklace!!

Better go after it if you want it!! Everyone is eligible to participate!!


Good Luck!!

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